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Xmas 1913

Saturday, February 9th, 2008 by Susannah

Xmas 1913

Featured Gem 15
Real Photo Postcard
‘Xmas 1913’

Date: 1913
People pictured: Jessie
Postcard Back: Addressed to ‘Miss Anderson From Jessie’. Wishing you a very happy Xmas.

Notes: An unusual Christmas portrait. I really like the composition, the curtains and the collection of potted plants! The chair back could almost be mistaken for fairy/angel wings! The card was purchased from a seller in the UK. I am not sure of its origin.

I love and collect samples of handwriting. The writing on this card is gorgeous. Just look at the word ‘Wishing’. We just don’t write like that anymore!

Weekly Gem 15 — PC Back

Non Stop Run From Yarmouth

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007 by Susannah

Non Stop Run From Yarmouth

Featured Gem 14
Real Photo Postcard
‘Non Stop Run From Yarmouth’

Date: Unspecified
People pictured: Unidentified
Postcard Back: blank

Notes: I am loving these prop photos at the moment. Some of the painted prop sets are wonderfully detailed. They’re in the same vein as the paper moon images I have been collecting.

I purchased the image from the UK so I am presuming it is referring to ‘Yarmouth’ in the UK. Is it possible it was taken at a photo booth/studio at the Yarmouth Carnival? I’ll keep digging for info!

Sincerely Yours Flora

Wednesday, August 1st, 2007 by Susannah

Featured Gem 13

Featured Gem 13
Real Photo Postcard


Date: Unspecified
People: Flora
Studio: Connard – Artist and Photographer – 181 Oldham Road, Arnton-U-Lyne
Postcard Back: Blank. Front signed ‘Sincerely Yours Flora’

Notes: How brilliant is Flora!? A fairy princess? A fairy godmother? Perfectly posed to grant your wishes. Her costume is fabulous right down to the wonderful butterfly detail on her dress. The backdrop is perfect adding that ‘enchanted wood’ fairytale feel.

It’s Moments Like These…

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007 by Susannah

Minties Girls

Featured Gem 12
Real Photo Postcard

Date: Unspecified (after 1922)
People pictured: Unidentified
Postcard Back: blank

Notes: Isn’t this fantastic? Six girls dressed up as Sweetacres Minties! When it comes to lollies, Minties (now called ‘Allens Minties’ and manufactured by Nestle) are a bit of an Australian classic. What with the party game ‘Mintie hunt’ (as opposed to peanut hunt) and the ‘who can make the longest Mintie wrapper’ challenge….Minties were well established as a part of our childhood.

Minties were invented in 1922 by James Stedman (his company also invented Jaffas and Fantales!)

To catch a Fairy

Friday, May 4th, 2007 by Susannah

Ok, so what are they doing in this photo? I recently purchased this image from a lovely lady in the UK. Neither of us have any real idea about what the photo shows and there are no details on the back to give us a clue! The little glass jars/lanterns are not only strung across the water but perched on the rocks too. So are they catching fairies?

What are they doing?

Still snowed under by the maths books from hell BUT I am set to hand it over at the beginning of June (insert happy dance!)! Rohan and I did manage to step out on the town ‘Ellie free’ with my lovely sister and her partner in crime Tim, who were visiting from Sydney. We went to see Puppet Up! in the stunning Princess Theatre, (part of the Melbourne Comedy Festival). It was brilliant! My sister and I are both longtime Henson fans so it was really exciting to get a glimpse of what it must have been like on set. Incredibly clever and very funny.


Not much luck on the thrifting front aside from this trim (quite substantial lengths too!) and an signed Alison Lester book. I do however have a new toy which I am fumbling around trying to learn how to use….sneak peak bottom right. I am thinking of using it for part of my Blogetogethertwo gifts. Winter inspired designs in progress!

Trim and Preview

Oh and before I forget, I made a new banner! I didn’t realise those reading via Bloglines and the like may not see it. The dancing girls photo is one of my absolute favourite photo finds. I know adding wings is hardly original but it seemed appropriate and it is my little corner of the world after all! And on that note I’ll leave you with this…

Don't I look pretty?

‘I look sooooo pretty!’ was her response when I showed her in the mirror! Leave a two year old alone with textas at your own risk!

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