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I had the best intentions!

Sunday, November 6th, 2011 by Susannah

During my blog hiatus my passion for collecting vintage imagery has not dwindled — actually I think my collecting might have escalated sort of like a placebo for not actually doing anything outside of work!

I uncovered this image at a local market a couple of months ago. It’s unusual to see a camera in shot used as a prop (and even more unusual to see a woman holding it!). It also has a stellar message on the back, one that immediately made me think of this poor neglected blog. I think it should read “Dear Blog” haha!

I can’t say what a “dirty dog” I feel whenever I think of you. I had the best intentions in the world of writing and have left my congratulations as late as this. To show there’s no animosity you can buy an expensive frame for this photo and hang it in the — I’ll leave that up to you where to hang it.

It’s a strange feeling being able to pinpoint the address this postcard was sent from (even stranger to stand in “street view”!)

Good Luck Black Cat

Saturday, November 28th, 2009 by Susannah

WeeklyGem 21: Good Luck Black Cat

Featured Gem 21
Real Photo Postcard

‘Good Luck Black Cat’

Date: 1909
People: Unidentified
Studio: Unspecified
Postcard Back: Blank

Notes: Such a great pose and fabulous costume! (From the same collection as Gem 16) This image is from a series of over twenty postcards from the same old album. Apparently there was a message on the front of the album that read: “To The Mayoress with H Jenkins compliments. 1909 A souvenir of the Childrens Fancy Dress Ball”. What a fancy dress ball it must have been!

Take to the sky

Monday, November 16th, 2009 by Susannah

Prop Studio Plane Setting 2

Prop Studio Plane Setting 1

I have posted one of these studio/prop aeroplane photographs before {over here}. I am strangely drawn to them, perhaps because some look so peculiar? There’s something very bizarre and disconcerting about some of them.

Is it the proportion and warped scale? Or is it setups and strange anomalies like the spooky bodiless boy gripping on for dear life with his lone hand (left)…or could it be the expression on their faces? Don’t they look like they’re having a great time in the photo below? I am sure they are supposed to be having fun!

Unfortunately these images don’t have a great deal of information on the back. The one at the top was taken in 1928 and the one to the left was taken at the Spence Lees Studios, Laxey. And that’s unfortunately all I know about them. I wish I knew where they were all taken, was it at a studio, a portable studio at a funfair, on a pier, who are the people, what were they doing? Why did they decide to have their picture in the faux plane? It’s all a bit of a mystery really!

Prop Studio Plane Setting 3

Aggie and Marie on the moon

Sunday, November 15th, 2009 by Susannah

Aggie and Marrie on the Moon

I love the messages on the back of these mother/daughter paper moon postcards:
from Marie – “I thought I would take a trip with my mother to the moon…”
from Aggie – “I have always been light headed but I got to the moon at last…”

Aggie and Marrie (reverse)

More studio photos using props and faux setups to come this week!
(and look! Halfway through…fifteen posts in fifteen days! Mum’s enjoying it haha!)

Dark Angel

Saturday, November 14th, 2009 by Susannah

WeeklyGem20 - Dark Angel

Featured Gem 20
Real Photo Postcard
‘Dark Angel’

Date: Unknown
People pictured: Unknown
Studio: Harrison Imperial Studio Pendle St, Nelson
Postcard Back: blank/unused

Notes: Who are these girls dressed as? Possibly religious, based on mythology, seasonal? A play, a dance? The girl in the middle with the wings looks very striking in her costume. Here is a closeup .

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