The Bee, The Sailor, The Clown and The Gypsy

February 4th, 2006 by Susannah

One of the things I want to do here, is share my collection of vintage photographs and ephemera with people who might appreciate their worth. I want others to value their importance in our cultural history and see the magic I see when I look at them. Often these items are filled with history. Stories involving humour, heartache and love. It sounds clich?d but they really are like a window into another era and open up the imagination. I look at them and wonder what the people were like, what their lives were about. Often the backdrops are breathtakingly beautiful and the costumes worn are elaborate and with fine detail, unlike clothes of today. Sometimes it’s something as simple as the look in someone’s eye or a phrase on the back of a postcard. I often use these items as a basis for something creative (NB: I always keep the original preserved).
It seems such a shame to keep these beauties hidden away and I am hoping some of you may enjoy them as much as I do! So here is the first instalment!

Featured Gem 1

Featured Gem 1
Real Photo Postcard

‘The Bee, The Sailor,
The Clown and The Gypsy’

Date: Unspecified
People pictured: Unidentified
Postcard Back: Blank

Notes: I have a passion for collecting photographs of people in fancy dress. Often the costumes are incredibly ellaborate and sometimes the images are quite humorous. I wonder what kind of event these people were going to (if any!). What was their relationship to one another. I imagine what fun they must have had getting dressed up. The lovely thing about some of these fancy dress images is that they are usually of people having fun, having the time of their life. Would any events on this night change the course of their lives?

I like the fact that the girl dressed as a bee (well I think she is a bee??) is slightly blurred, as if she is ‘buzzing’ !

Close Up of Featured Gem 1

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