Corners of my Home

March 5th, 2006 by Susannah

Corners of my Home

Inspired by SouleMama and the other participants of the related Flickr group, I thought I might start recording details of our ‘spaces’.

This is a ‘corner’ of our living room. It is almost as far away from the windows as you can get. The giant faux finish wall was there when we moved in four years ago, around the time the ‘feature wall’ hit its peak on the home decor front. I haven’t decided if we’ve warmed to it or if the whole idea of preparing and repainting is just too overwhelming to comprehend. I actually don’t find the colour too offensive even on such a large scale. It’s warm and rich and complements many of my ‘things’. It looks glorious by candlelight!

Top Shelf: Speights Tour wooden box collected on our honeymoon in 2003, Dunedin New Zealand. I am very much into collecting candle holders and picture frames. Candles by The Conscious Candle Company are delicious. Currently burning ‘Bliss’, a blend of rosemary, spicy clove and orange. The small white candle holder on the top of the Speights box has lots of tiny holes and looks magical when lit at night. Small silver frame with a photo of our poppet Eloise at 8months old.

Middle Shelf: Magazine files containing craft, art and computer magazines. Baskets with lids containing misc bits and bobs. (I have a lot of containers like this containing things that don’t have homes yet!)

Bottom Shelf: My LP collection containing many 70’s and 80’s errr….classics? From Abba and Duran Duran to Split Enz and The Police. It’s all here folks!

Sneaking into the bottom left of frame, a comfy beanbag!

One Response to “Corners of my Home”

  1. Clair
    March 5th, 2006 10:46

    I love this idea.. i think i might steal it lol :p along with all the other hundreds of things i want to put on my blog…. Oh and my parents use to have walls in the same color and finish as that… they have repainted them now though.

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