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August 3rd, 2006 by Susannah

wattle August 06I’m home from a lovely but waaayyy too short holiday visiting my folks in New South Wales. Rohan had a conference in Canberra, so after spending a couple of days there, Eloise and I tootled three hours up the highway to the Blue Mountains. It was wonderful to catch up with family and see Eloise run around in the house where I grew up. Although it’s still another month until Spring, the trees had started to blossom and the wattle was abundant with fluffy flowers (sorry Dad, couldn’t resist!).

In Canberra I caught up with my childhood friend, Narelle. She cooked us the most delicious dinner and Ellie got up to mischief running around the house with her boys. We’ve been in and out of contact over the years and have both moved interstate so it was wonderful to catch up and still feel so familiar and comfortable like no time had passed. To me those are good friendships. It’s such a shame we live so far away! Narelle does the most gorgeous floral designs. Have a peek at her website Brave Botanics.

Pepes Paperie - Civic, Canberra

While in Canberra I discovered a shop called Pepe’s Paperie and it was stocked with the most stunning selection of notepaper and accessories. I bought a couple of small boxes of tiny fancy paper clips packaged in small drawstring bags by le the des ecrivains. I also bought some stunning file folders by Cavallini & Co and was sooooo very tempted to get Eloise a set of these flash cards. I had to work hard to convince myself that she didn’t need to know ‘W’ was for wig-wam just yet. I also couldn’t resist a couple of gift boxes by Hipp…just because they were so pretty.

There were goodies in my letterbox upon my return including this lovely card from the talented Gwen at bugheart.

Bugheart Postcard

Apologies things have been so quiet! I have lots of posts ready to whirl once I get my act together (and my photos!). I have postcard swap thank-you’s to do and I owe a lot of emails. If you have emailed or commented lately hang in there, I will reply. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your feedback!

Erghh! Lightening! It’s been raining on and off constantly since I got back. (Not the best light here for photography!) I’d better press ‘publish’ and turn off the computer…just in case…

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