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There’s a Bear in There…and Much More!

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007 by Susannah

My Nanna turns 88 today! Happy Birthday Nan! She, Eloise and I are the redheads of the family — a special little bond that ties us together!

Jean Lough - My Nanna

I’m just back from a ten day break in my old stomping ground, the Blue Mountains. Eloise and I flew up and spent some time with my folks and dropped in on Nan. We had a wonderful holiday lounging around, antiquing, folk-festivaling, park playing, coffee drinking, duck feeding and shopping. Eloise discovered Mum’s pianola and serenaded us with bizarre medleys at every moment she could. Now she is asking for her own ‘pinano’. Hmmm.

We attended the Blue Mountains folk:blues:roots festival (musical highlights being Luka Bloom on the Saturday night and one of my Dad’s all time favourites, Ralph McTell on Sunday arvo). Unfortunately the weather was terrible so it did take the shine off festival activities a bit. However this did mean more time was spent trying to keep dry by wandering up and down Katoomba Street sipping coffee, eating cake and checking out antique and junk shops (oh the tragedy!). I didn’t end up buying too much — some beautifully painted pet rocks for Eloise (a wombat and a cat) and a couple of awesome vintage children’s books (1912 & 1924) with wonderful illustrations (see below) and dozens of stunning silhouettes.

The Wonder Book

The week before we left was frantic. My priorities sure have changed since having Eloise…..never would I have imagined I’d be stalking ticketek online for the latest Wiggles tickets (man, how fast do those babies sell!??)…and indulging in a morning of ‘Playschool’ at the local theatre. Playschool ‘live’ was brilliant by the way. I swear when Benita Collings burst through the ‘door’ I am embarrassed to admit I felt a wee bit emotional! Benita first appeared on Playschool in 1969 and filmed 401 episodes! I feel very lucky that we got to see her at work! Now if her co presenter had been John Hamblin I’d have been a tad fanatical — no offense to the excellent George (he was more my sister’s era) but John is John. (Oh and Eloise enjoyed the show too. Ha ha!)

Playschool Live - Eltham

In other news I moved back into my studio/office/study over the weekend after spending 12months in a playpen in the corner of the living room so that I could ‘watch’ Eloise while I worked at the computer (yes you read that right…it was ME in the playpen). I am so incredibly happy to be back in my own space and I think it’s just the change of scenery I need. My sewing machine also has it’s own table. Yippeeee!!

It’s nice to be back.

The Great Blogetogether #1

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007 by Susannah


It has been just over a week since I met up with some clever crafty blogging gals at the blog meet organised expertly by the lovely Justine and Nichola. I have been itching to write about it but unfortunately I have been chasing my tail for the past fortnight with a hideously boring job (apologies Jay but I know you agree!!) that is lasting FOREVER and sucking away every spare minute of my time.

I was so apprehensive leading up to the event, but very pleased with myself that I managed to finish off my 15 gifts (magazine tote bags) without having to pull the usual ‘all nighter’ at the end. Meeting people face to face from ‘blogland’ for the first time was a very overwhelming and unusual experience, especially when it involved so many crafty gals whose work you’ve admired and blogs you’ve read from afar for quite some time. We had a great afternoon swapping pressies, giving our purses a workout at Amitie and feasting on homemade goodies. It was just impossible in the two hours to chat to everybody properly and so much I wanted to say to people and didn’t (why does that always happen?). It was a pleasure to be involved so thank you everyone!!

And, just look at all the gorgeous goodies above — all those rich colours and amazing prints — lovingly handcrafted purses, bookmarks, cards, soaps, needle roll, mini canvas, delicious cookies and nougat (long gone!!), headband (love the stripes!), needle books, face cloth and more! Mmmmmm

Justine has posted more pics (including links to everyones blogs) —> here

Valentine Thrifting

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007 by Susannah

I almost didn’t go op-shopping this morning as I was supposed to be at home doing work…but I couldn’t help myself…and LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!!!!!!!!!!
(is that enough exclamations? I think not!!!!!!)

Thrift score

Happy Valentines Day to me. A B6 Print Gocco for $6 and it’s hardly used.
I need new bulbs and masters but I am not complaining!
Everything else is there!

More info:
Gocco on Flickr
Save Gocco

The Small Object – Print Gocco tutorial

Fifteen Gifts

Friday, February 9th, 2007 by Susannah

I’m way too busy to blog. Why? Because I am making fifteen gifts to swap with fifteen arty crafty blogging gals I have never met. With just over a week until the great ‘blogetogether’ I am getting more and more anxious. Actually I am feeling a little dizzy about it!

Blogtogether swap preview

The pressure is mounting as previews of what’s in store are leaked – including here, here, here, here, here and here. Oh my!! My little gift involves a bit of sewing. Sewing *gasp*…I have not sewn anything in years. What was I thinking? Many of these bloggers are quite proficient sewers (obviously!). Nothing like jumping in the deep end. It took me a while to even figure out how to thread the darn machine! So please lovely kind hearted bloggers don’t look TOO closely!! No exposed seams, no zippers and no buttons…phew. Honestly though, I am really enjoying it!

Also sent off this week was my mini swap package. Poor little Finn and Violet will get to sample some of my novice sewing…but I think they’ll enjoy their goodies enough not to notice the crooked seams! I will post pictures when they receive their parcel! This was so much fun to put together.

And to finish up, a little February thrifting…

February Thrifting 2007

Earthy floral screen printed linen, chunky vintage buttons, old tin kitchen canister with red lid and cherry decal, as new Oilily woollen jumper for Eloise ($2.99!!) and a stack of sheet music with enchanting titles like ‘Dance of the Dewdrops’ and ‘Fairy Whispers’.

I just realised I missed my first ‘blogiversary’ too. I may not be the most prolific/consistent poster but I am pretty chuffed I have kept my two blogs up for over 12 months!!

Holiday Snippets

Thursday, January 18th, 2007 by Susannah

2007 already! We had a relaxing break at my folks place in the Blue Mountains. It was the most wonderful Christmas and relaxed New Year. The 1000km road trip up the Hume in a day was actually lots of fun. Eloise travels really well — animal spotting, crazy loud singing, laughs and a little bit of sleep thrown in. Dan Zanes was definitely the soundtrack to this holiday. Eloise has taken a particular shine to ‘Malti’ (demanding she wear her sunnies to sing it), ‘Sidewalks of New York’, and ‘Pay Me My Money Down’…sounds funny hearing such a little one singing these but she sings them with great passion and conviction! Christmas morning was lovely with a two year old, such pure joy and such appreciation for every single present opened. Many nights were spent cruising the local Christmas lights. Lots of ooooing and ahhhing.

Photos - 2007 first haul

Santa was kind to me this year. I now have a truckload of new books (which I will post more on later) and… I now have a sewing machine!!! It’s been a while since I put my foot to pedal…so watch out world! Lets see if I have the patience…I was never the world’s most patient sewer!

Thrifty New YearThis year has already been a lot of fun on the thrifting front. Here’s a little taste of my favourite finds so far (click image for larger view)— five sherry/port(?) glasses featuring a silhouette of a lady blowing a dandelion; an old sweet tin; three circular Bakelite frames. I’ve also been lucky with a lot of fantastic clothes for Eloise including this Lilly Pulitzer shift dress covered in bright pink unicorns (for all of $3 mind you!).

On holiday I discovered an antique shop with a leaning toward ephemera and collectibles. You can bet that will become a regular haunt on future visits North! I picked up a swag of old family snapshots that will be great inspiration for some themed collages. The ‘Plum Pudding’ shot was very timely. On the back it says “The Plumpud in all it’s Glory. It did not stay like this for long”. Mmmm plum pudding. I always get a little twinge of sadness when I see so many family photos tossed away…someone’s memories, special moments, key life events…

Photos - 2007 first haul

Before I forget, a big thank you to all who took part in the Christmas postcard swap organised by Nikki-Shell. These are always such fun. I have been a little bit slack with my thanks as most of the cards came while I was on holiday and I am still trying to catch up! More soon…

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