Ring ring doorbell ring…

November 1st, 2006 by Susannah

Anyone who sings about thrifting must be pretty good huh? We were lucky enough to catch Dan Zanes and Friends twice last week at the Melbourne International Arts Festival. Both shows were simply fantastic and Eloise was totally impressed! When Dan Zanes appeared she squealed ‘ring ring doorbell‘ pointing enthusiastically to make sure we had noticed (I think she thinks that’s his name….but anyway!).

Dan Zanes - Melbourne Australia Oct 06Zanes appears to be gathering quite a steady following in Australia, especially since he started appearing on Playhouse Disney earlier in the year. At both shows he was greeted by an enthusiastic crowd who were kept singing and dancing for the entire show!

Eloise got right in there and danced up a storm at the front of the stage. For a not-quite-two-year-old she pulled off some impressive moves! So uninhibited and full of joy. It was lovely to watch her clapping with delight and singing along to the songs she knew. The band play many different instruments (ukulele, double bass, drums, piano accordion, banjo, guitars, mandolin) and Eloise was enthralled. After the show Dan and the band chatted with the audience and signed autographs. They were really generous with their time and it was really special for the kids.

To be honest I have become a bit of a Dan Zanes fan myself…even more so after seeing their impressive live performance. His music is infectious, well crafted and feel good. A rich combination of original tunes and traditional folk. Have a look at his website, it’s worth a visit and it’s beautifully designed. Donald Saafs illustrations are absolutely gorgeous (lots of whimsical insects and dancing animals!). How sweet is this alligator t-shirt!

Eloise enjoying Dan Zanes & Friends

If anyone’s interested there’s a great video interview with Dan Zanes {here} by Camp Jinx and for more about Eloise’s Dan Zanes adventures {click here}

2 Responses to “Ring ring doorbell ring…”

  1. thebutterflycollector
    November 6th, 2006 09:27

    this guy looks very interesting and I’m intrigued and haven’t even heard a note! must check him out!!!! And I see I’ve found another Bernard F fan too!

  2. melissa
    December 11th, 2006 11:42

    We’re big Dan Zanes fans here too- but i had no idea he was touring!
    Sounds like a lot of fun and your little one looks so joyful dancing in the crowd!

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