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The Great Blogetogether #1

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007 by Susannah


It has been just over a week since I met up with some clever crafty blogging gals at the blog meet organised expertly by the lovely Justine and Nichola. I have been itching to write about it but unfortunately I have been chasing my tail for the past fortnight with a hideously boring job (apologies Jay but I know you agree!!) that is lasting FOREVER and sucking away every spare minute of my time.

I was so apprehensive leading up to the event, but very pleased with myself that I managed to finish off my 15 gifts (magazine tote bags) without having to pull the usual ‘all nighter’ at the end. Meeting people face to face from ‘blogland’ for the first time was a very overwhelming and unusual experience, especially when it involved so many crafty gals whose work you’ve admired and blogs you’ve read from afar for quite some time. We had a great afternoon swapping pressies, giving our purses a workout at Amitie and feasting on homemade goodies. It was just impossible in the two hours to chat to everybody properly and so much I wanted to say to people and didn’t (why does that always happen?). It was a pleasure to be involved so thank you everyone!!

And, just look at all the gorgeous goodies above — all those rich colours and amazing prints — lovingly handcrafted purses, bookmarks, cards, soaps, needle roll, mini canvas, delicious cookies and nougat (long gone!!), headband (love the stripes!), needle books, face cloth and more! Mmmmmm

Justine has posted more pics (including links to everyones blogs) —> here

Fifteen Gifts

Friday, February 9th, 2007 by Susannah

I’m way too busy to blog. Why? Because I am making fifteen gifts to swap with fifteen arty crafty blogging gals I have never met. With just over a week until the great ‘blogetogether’ I am getting more and more anxious. Actually I am feeling a little dizzy about it!

Blogtogether swap preview

The pressure is mounting as previews of what’s in store are leaked – including here, here, here, here, here and here. Oh my!! My little gift involves a bit of sewing. Sewing *gasp*…I have not sewn anything in years. What was I thinking? Many of these bloggers are quite proficient sewers (obviously!). Nothing like jumping in the deep end. It took me a while to even figure out how to thread the darn machine! So please lovely kind hearted bloggers don’t look TOO closely!! No exposed seams, no zippers and no buttons…phew. Honestly though, I am really enjoying it!

Also sent off this week was my mini swap package. Poor little Finn and Violet will get to sample some of my novice sewing…but I think they’ll enjoy their goodies enough not to notice the crooked seams! I will post pictures when they receive their parcel! This was so much fun to put together.

And to finish up, a little February thrifting…

February Thrifting 2007

Earthy floral screen printed linen, chunky vintage buttons, old tin kitchen canister with red lid and cherry decal, as new Oilily woollen jumper for Eloise ($2.99!!) and a stack of sheet music with enchanting titles like ‘Dance of the Dewdrops’ and ‘Fairy Whispers’.

I just realised I missed my first ‘blogiversary’ too. I may not be the most prolific/consistent poster but I am pretty chuffed I have kept my two blogs up for over 12 months!!

Christmas Postcard Frenzy

Monday, December 18th, 2006 by Susannah

Instead of joining in on NaBloPoMo I didn’t post once during November…in all honesty that wasn’t my intention! I have had to keep telling myself ‘the blog is for me’ ‘don’t stress’ ‘it’s meant to be fun!’ to try and ease my anxiety over not posting. I am just not very good at short quick diary like snippets of interest!
Postcard Swap Dec06

I did complete my Christmas Postcard Swap, and although 10 of these cards are winging their way around the world I fear some may not arrive at their destinations in time. I am crossing my fingers and toes! I have a good excuse though….I had a little drama and I decided it was the perfect time of year to get my wisdom teeth yanked out in the hospital….really NOT NOT good and I still cannot feel my chin over 2 weeks later! (Is that normal? It is driving me a little crazy!)

I don’t think the photos do the postcard justice as you can’t see the subtleties and textures in the papers. The doll is printed on some translucent paper and she is holding a little book attached with a split pin that contains five pages of vintage Christmas snippets from my collection of greeting cards and photos. I love the sentiments in the old style verses.

Postcard Swap Dec06

I unearthed an interesting book in my local secondhand bookshop the week the postcard sign up was announced, so I have had ‘vintage cards’ on my mind for months! It’s a fascinating book called ‘The History of the Christmas Card‘ by George Buday and was first published in 1954 by Spring Books.

Postcard Swap Dec06

That’s it for tonight! I may not have been blogging but I have still been thrifting so I will post about some of my favourite finds over the next few days. I also want to share some of the gorgeous swaps that I have received including the most delicious bundle of goodies from the lovely and talented Pyglet who must be very close to giving birth!! Thinking of you Dani and thank you so much for the unexpected treats!

Article 25

Monday, October 30th, 2006 by Susannah
Article 25 - Calendar illustration

A couple of weeks ago a friend asked if I would like to contribute an illustration to a calendar she was producing as a fundraiser for the ASRC (Asylum Seeker Resource Centre). I jumped at the chance! It really is such a worthy cause.

Each image in the calendar illustrates an article from the International Declaration of Human Rights, and highlights one of the ASRC’s programmes. The calendar features the work of some wonderful illustrators and artists including Judy Horacek, Terry Denton, Ann Howie, Greg Mallyon, Andrew Weldon, Kate Durham and more! I feel like a bit of a fraud sneaking in amongst such fine company!

If you are interested in purchasing a calendar they will be available online through Readings at the beginning of next month. $10 from the proceeds of each calendar will go directly to the ASRC.

Beach Holiday

Wednesday, September 27th, 2006 by Susannah

near Bithray Inlet

We recently got back from a family holiday in Tathra on the NSW South Coast (another reason things have been a little quiet around here!). We had a brilliant time and after the first couple of cloudy days the weather picked up and it got quite warm! Eloise quickly immersed herself into the beach atmosphere making sandcastles every day, chasing seagulls and paddling in the ocean (read/see more about her adventures here). It’s such a beautiful part of the country. Lush green hills, amazing beaches, National Parks and bushwalks and lots of cheese tasting!!! I love it at this time of year, not too cold, not too hot and lovely and quiet!

One afternoon Rohan and I went exploring a tiny portion of the Mimosa Rocks National Park. I took the photos above near Bithray Inlet (below). They had the most amazing patterns and textures.

near Bithray Inlet

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