Licensed Thrifting

November 4th, 2009 by Susannah

Thrifty Kids

I must say, it’s no secret I adore children’s fictional characters. I have many many favourites. I also like collecting associated licensed product.

How excellent is this Pippi Longstocking T-shirt? Eloise is going to love it…especially when we start reading the book. And the red robbin Raggedy Ann & Andy socks? They are dated 1978 and they look awfully familiar. I had a wave of nostalgia when I saw them and I couldn’t leave them there (and for 50c why not?). I remember wearing this style of knee high character printed nylon sock as a kid….I know I definitely had some Holly Hobbie ones. What shoes does one wear with knee high socks? Knowing the era most likely sandals! Nice. Knee high socks with sandals. (I think I might go scour the old photo albums! Hopefully it was a nice pair of Mary Janes instead!)

I also found these sewing patterns. Look, it includes a Holly Hobbie bonnet! The Raggedy Ann one also includes the doll pattern…..and both are Eloise’s size. Perfect! Ha! I might even sew yet!

CHaracter Patterns

I’ve been spending way too much time op-shopping over the past few months. By default it’s become a great way for me to destress. Strange! Please tell me I am not the only one that finds it therapeutic? I live within five minutes of our local Savers and St Vinnies. It is dangerous. Savers is open late two nights a week…what a treat to pop out after the kids are tucked up in bed!

More opshopped goodness tomorrow when I kickstart Thrifty Thursday!

3 Responses to “Licensed Thrifting”

  1. Fioleta
    November 5th, 2009 08:22

    I also find op-shopping therapeutic, though I usually come back with way too many books. I saw so many old sewing patterns in Australia, wish I could find a charity shop here in UK, which has a lot of craft items.

  2. Lisa
    November 5th, 2009 17:43

    LURVE the Pippi tshirt susannah, i have a copy of the Lauren Child illustrated hb just waiting for Daisy (grabbed it when she was v young in case it went o/p cos i’m sick of missing lovely kids hbs because i waited!)
    and then I saw your holly hobbie pattern OMG my mum had that and for my 4th birthday my twin sister and i had identical versions of the LHS one made in black and purple velvetish stuff (all manmade fibres baby, nothing natural about the mid 70s!). so glad they’re still kicking around. and just to finish it off i had a handbag with a Raggedy Ann doll in the pocket and someone stole it from the public toilets in Benalla when I was 6. waaah.

  3. Susannah
    November 5th, 2009 18:25

    hahaha Lisa that is soooo funny. Still hurts about the handbag I am sure!! I had a stash of Lauren Child books even before Eloise was born….and I have Pippi and Goldilocks on my shelf downstairs. They are mine, but I might share with them…maybe. ‘Dirt Cheap Books’ had Goldilocks HB for under $10 last time I was there and heaps of C&L. Don’t go to that shop if you don’t have any money. I always walk out with a box full!

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